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A very nice feature of this random video chat - is it is free.Despite the good service, here you can chat for free.Disabling or temporarily uninstalling firewall and anti-virus programs (Norton, Mc Afee, etc) can permit the launcher to run successfully.

In true typical blizz fashion they're just blaming the player base instead of fixing the problem that is obviously on their end.

I 1 that there is an issue on blizzards end and yet they blame us....

Patch change Q&A: Q: I have 7.0.3 client and I play on Sargeas how can I get a 7.1.5 client?

Of course, do not remove security software if you can't reinstall it, and always restore disabled security after testing.

Heavy Soldier, It sounds like something is preventing the launcher from installing the game files.

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A2: You can get a full 7.1.5 client from this torrent.

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