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With each following letter, you can send as many photos as you wish.We will attach them to your translated letter for the lady.We offer gifts for any occasion to the ladies of your choice.Finally, when you are ready to meet the ladies you have developed relationships with in person, we are with you and ready to greet you with full service upon your arrival in Kiev, Ukraine.Your first letter of introduction plus the lady’s response is free of charge. Be sure to ask the lady questions about herself; her life, her interests, etc. Please do not include any personal information about yourself such as your home address, phone numbers, or email address.

The letter will be translated in the lady’s own words.With this option, you can purchase 30* or 90* days of unlimited letter writing with as many ladies as you choose. Tell the lady about yourself and, most important, ask her questions.Once we receive your letter, we will translate it and forward it to the intended lady.It is a unique way of communicating in their language while seeing the animated you! You can record a video showing your lady a visit to a grocery store, which sounds silly, but they are different in Ukraine. With a Video Letter you can express yourself any way you choose.(and vice versa) Please make sure you view your video before you send it to us. In addition, you can request a video letter from your lady in return.

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