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This might well help whittle your estate down over the years to below the inflation adjusted federal exemption. Maximizing basis and minimizing estate tax can all be accomplished but you have to weigh the cost, complexity and economic risks of any technique you consider.

■ DAPTs: With the general demise of the estate tax for most wealthy clients asset protection planning has assumed a more important role in planning.

Few plans will have much chance of success without periodic professional involvement.

The latest salvo will be regulations negating discounts on FLPs/LLCs (perhaps only on those not operating an active business) what should you be doing? If discounts are nixed and your estate is under the federal exemption amount, you might do a happy jig! Because the IRS will have done most wealthy, but not ultra-wealthy, taxpayers a favor.

You may have created an FLP or LLC to achieve valuation discounts.

Another common basis maximizing technique is to borrow money on appreciated assets and gift the borrowed funds away.

This is particular useful to avoid tax in a decoupled state that has no gift tax (e.g., New Jersey).

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