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Some of the other authors this week will be discussing the ageplay side of Daddy/little girl play, but today I’m talking about the D/s relationship between a Daddy Dom and his little girl.

The Daddy Dom Some men want to dominate their women.

While they may incorporate elements of ageplay this is not their focus.

They may engage in BDSM activities that include pain, but this is usually motivated by a desire to get to subspace, increase endorphins, or a need for punishment rather than a desire for pain for pain’s sake.

It takes you over, makes you want to throw your adult cares away.

Makes you crave the loving father-like protection of a strong, caring Dom who loves and cherishes you.

A little's Daddy is not her father, role play or real. On this site I hope to show you my idea of this relationship.

Please remember that there are exceptions to every rule, and everybody within this lifestyle will have a slightly different perspective.

People often think having a Daddy means you missed out on something as a child, or that you want to dress up in a tutu and fingerpaint. Other people mistakenly believe that it means you want to have sex with your father.

In return he fulfills her needs and disciplines her when she needs it.

The Relationship In my books about Daddy Doms both the Dom and the sub put their partner’s needs above their own.

Normandie This week is Who’s Your Daddy Week where myself and three other authors of “Daddy romance” are celebrating Daddies and their little girls.

We’re giving away Daddy books and a Amazon gift card so please check it out and tell your friends.

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But in the context of a BDSM relationship, having a Daddy Dom has nothing to do with any of those things.

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