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The answer is that Michelle Wolf used true statements and brought things to the attention of audience.When previous presidents have attended the WHCD they have all been roasted.The reason that I say roasting remarks were thrown out of proportion is because she only made four comments about Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Likes Sarah burns fax then uses ash to make smoky eye (makeup) 4.

What makes this dangerous is that when persons are over extended financially they might reveal or give away information to their debtors.There is a difference between a persons Net Worth materialist things, persons incoming money able to make, etc VS Money in the bank uncommitted to bills, payments etc.For example, I because of my talent, maybe a home in Sweden, clothes and other materialist things might be worth 50 million dollars.I worked small media Austin Newz for many years, did research, analyze writing and editing of stories.I know what it’s like to be tired, paid lousy, cry because you want to do something but have to keep moving and shut out blocked because want answers.

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The second secret that Michelle Wolf made at the WHCD 2018 is towards the end of the video.

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