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My dating knowledge may be a tad bit dated but, hey, love is eternal and can even last the whole nine innings. First movers advantage: knock Americans right out of the ball park with frequent use of sports metaphors.

Before we proceed any further, let’s set up the suitability of the would-be suitor.

Dating an American isn't an instant upgrade in world citizenship status, but didn't you try to sit next to the smart kid in science class? They are relatively tall, they never try to pass a wheatish complexion as fair, they frequently have U. college degrees, most of them earn in dollars, and they live -- legally -- in the United States.

If it's Miller Hi Life -- hopefully there won’t be a second date.Americans are a warm, welcoming, wonderful people with similar family values and tastes in reality TV as us.Major networks are probably already competing to option rights for "The Real Housewives of New Delhi" right now.A tummy ache can sometimes be confused for love and while that worked out really well for me, it's not a sure shot and so it didn't make the following advice guide for how to date an American, inspired chiefly by this Huffington Post column, and seven years of my work in the field.The tips and pointers in this 'how to' are based on an intensive, non-outsourced research effort circa January 2002.

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  1. It looked at teens from seven states -- Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin - and from six large urban school districts, including San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and New York.