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At 18, the rules of the game change, you can have sex with anyone 18 or older.There are no "dating" laws there are laws about having sex with minors if you are a adult.He needs to date College Girls & leave my Sophomore in HS daughter alone!I know your looking for info on your LEGAL rights here, but...He drove my daughter to see this guy in Chicago during one of his weekend visitations, without my consent.Ex had an attorney write me a letter that I would be in contempt of court if I try to block his visitation. I want this relationship to end, my ex encourages it. I am in Ohio, have a 16 year old daughter that met a 19 year old second-year college student on World of Warcraft & have begun to have internet relationship.

The 19 year old showed up at my ex's home in July during his visitation (Surprise Visit! My ex husband is promoting & encouraging the relationship. He wrote "I loved being wrapped up in a blanket, how warm it was & how I never wanted it to end.".She has EVERY right to tell her child that she can't date an adult.Please, read the rules/FAQS and say hi in the Intro forum.I think you want your daughter to be safe, and not get knocked up.The best way to do that (coming from a 27 y/o who was once a 17 y/o in a similar situation) is to restrain your feelings, support your daughter, and supervise the relationship in your home.

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  1. Looking for men aged 55-70 in the NYC area, the doyenne gets the obvious out in the open first. Also, I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life.