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I didnt find my person, but we had left plenty early enough to drive around and take a tour of St. Although I wanted to ask 40,000 questions, I knew they were all getting ready for their races.Shanda was quite informative and gracious enough to explain what was going on to me and Ronda. Aubrey has been racing since she was old enough to drive a car. As a complete novice, I just thought two cars pull up, the lights go to green and you race down the track and the first one to cross the finish line wins. I cant even explain all of the science and math behind this sport, but it is not the redneck event I was planning on attending.She was the third child of the former Pauline Robinson and Marvin Pierce.Her father was in the publishing business and eventually became president of the Mc Call publishing company.She was running low 12 second quarters in her 1963 Nova. I was given a sneak preview of the behind the scenes of this sport by Derrick a week before. Those who take this sport seriously have a lot invested, including computers and weather stations to help calculate their times.We walked to the line as she drove her car into position. Heres a girl who had not raced in almost three years, in a hotrod, racing guys...... They sort of compete with themselves and the other car in the lane next to them. The races arent just for "race cars" we saw several normal vehicles competing. Im pretty sure my truck was faster, but thats not what this sport is really about.

We walked over and did the same routine with following him to the line.Before the race, the drivers pull up to an area that is wet so they can do a quick burnout to get the tires hot and sticky for the launch at the starting line.When Derricks car started spinning the tires, I capped both my ears.Thank you to the Myers and the Swineharts for letting us hang out with you all and see an unusual and entertaining family bond! The thought of your child, whether first one, or the last one, or the middle one graduating just makes you about spin out of control. There will be new freedom and the ability for them to choose their paths.There will be some mistakes made and some will face struggles, but Im confident that they will find their way. The doctor looked a little surprised when she answered, "Because I drank and smoked when I was pregnant with him." Ive always admired the class of this woman and her family. Bush by telephone shortly before her death to tell her he loved her, and she replied that she loved him too.

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